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Technology Help Desk

Swenson Hall 2100

715-394-8300 or 800-806-2890

Regular Hours

7:45AM - 6:30PM
Monday - Friday

Break/Summer Hours

7:45AM - 4:30PM
Monday - Friday

The Help Desk is the place to contact when you have questions about using technology at the university. Our staff can answer questions and provide access to university technology services.

  • The cables (network, monitor, power, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc.) are securely attached.
  • The power (to the computer, printer, power strip) is turned on.
  • To try restarting your computer or printer.
  • To check the domain if you are having problems logging in.
  • If you get an error message to write down exactly what it says.

When you contact the Technology Help Desk, please have this information ready:

  • General information - your name, department, location (room and building), and phone number.
  • If it's a computer problem - what the problem is, and the computer's operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Mac).
  • If it's a printer problem - what the problem is, if it is a local or networked printer, the printer make & model.
  • If it's a network problem - what the problem is, and the network jack number (white sticker on the wall jack).
  • If it's a classroom technology problem - what the problem is, the building and room number. 


Swenson Hall 2100



8:00AM - 4:30PM
Monday - Friday