Technology Services

Technology Services strives to deliver cutting-edge technology and support services to the UW-Superior campus, students, faculty and staff.

We aspire to continuously improve services, facilities, and staff skills; respond to a changing environment in innovative ways; and provide leadership and planning to make the best use of emerging technologies.

See the services we offer and how we can assist you with all your technology needs.


Technology Services will be recognized and trusted as a vital partner in enabling and supporting the University of Wisconsin-Superior community by providing current, reliable, and proficient technology services and resources. Technology Services will collaborate with and empower the University of Wisconsin-Superior students, staff and faculty to ensure information is securely managed, widely shared and strategically used to make operational decisions and to measure success and progress toward achieving university goals. Technology Services will be an active partner in innovative solutions and managing change.


Technology Services provides IT services to the University of Wisconsin-Superior community that enable the University to realize its strategic goals.