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Technology Services Reorganization Announcement

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

Effective Monday, April 21st, Mike Twining will be joining the Technology Application Services (TAS) team led by Jim Rink. This team includes the campus database administrator, Steve Christensen and Mike's fellow IS developer/analysts, Dorothy Frechette, Mike Olson and Aaron Yates. Requests for Mike's services should now be made through the Application Services Footprints request system in the same way that PeopleSoft requests for services are made. Mike will be relocating to Swenson 2106 and his telephone number will remain the same at extension 8008.

There are a number of reasons why this move is in the best interest of the campus, but the most important reason is a need to provide backup support for the mission critical Common Spot system. Currently Mike is solely responsible for Common Spot analysis and development, security, server/application maintenance, and also acts as the Common Spot content helpdesk and trainer.

As part of the TAS team, Mike will be backed up in development by Mike "Ole" Olson (I think we will dub them the"Mike and Mike" show) and for server maintenance and security, Steve Christensen will provide backup. Mike will continue to provide Common Spot helpdesk and training for the campus but we are talking with Lynne Williams on a strategy for transitioning some of those duties to her team once the website redesign project is further along.

We are excited to have Mike back on the TAS team not just because it means donuts and rolls for the IT department, but because it puts Mike on a supportive team of his peers. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Jim Rink

Director of Application Services

University of Wisconsin Superior


News Contact: Jim Rink | 8070 | jrink{atuws}
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