Chalk & Wire

Chalk & Wire

UW-Superior uses the Chalk & Wire ePortfolio system for learning assessments.  It provides students with a standards-based graphical portfolio, structured around the requirements of a specific department, that they can share with instructors and potential employers.

Our Teaching and Learning Tools site has an online help guide for students and instructors using Chalk & Wire.

Key features of Chalk & Wire ePortfolio

Artifacts - files that are uploaded into your Artifact Library for use in your portfolio. Some file formats that you are able to upload: avi, bmp, doc, gif, htm, html, jpg, mov, mp3, mpeg, mpg, pdf, ppt, psd, rtf, txt, wav, wma, wmv, wps, xls, zip...

Artifact Library - a central storage location for uploaded files (artifacts) that can be organized using folders. You can add folders and artifacts, upload Zip of artifacts, and add URLs on this page as well as maintain and search your existing artifacts.

Assessment - process of submitting pages of your portfolio to instructors, who will offer critic and comments on whether the pages meet the department's requirements and standards.

ePortfolio - a collection of pages and documents that highlight your education and experiences. This may include samples of art work, lesson plans, reflections, etc.

Table of Contents (TOC) - a list of pages within your portfolio. Some departments have included their requirements as pages in the table of contents.