Conference Room Guidelines and Scheduling Procedures

Conference Room Guidelines and Scheduling Procedures

The following conference rooms have been defined as campus shared conference rooms and as such are scheduled using Outlook.  Except where noted below each room is equipped with a video projector, a DVD player and a whiteboard.  A laptop is required to connect to the video projector - there are no fixed computer stations. Conference room phones may be checked out from the Technology Loan office. You will need to provide a cost center where long distance charges should be billed.

  • Old Main Room 132 (OM 132 -- capacity 20) NO DVD PLAYER
  • Swenson Hall Room 1007 (SWEN 1007 -- capacity 16)
  • Swenson Hall Room 1058 (SWEN 1058 --capacity 16)
  • Swenson Hall Room 2005 (SWEN 2005 --capacity 12)
  • Swenson Hall Room 3004 (SWEN 3004 --capacity 20)
  • Swenson Hall Room 3075 (SWEN 3075 --capacity16 

Priority access will be granted as follows:

  1. Academic and Administrative departments residing in the building where the conference room is located   
  2. Academic and  Administrative departments from the campus at large on a first-come, first-served basis

Shared conference rooms  were not designed for these purposes:

  • Academic instruction (please schedule through your department associate)
  • Student study (please contact the Library of study rooms)
  • Student Groups or Organization (please contact YellowJacket Union)
  • Non-UW-Superior Organizations or the general public (please contact YellowJacket Union to arrange a rental)

General Policies

  • A room may not be scheduled for a single meeting greater than 24 hours
  • Recurring meetings may not be scheduled for more than 300 days
  • Conference rooms will automatically accept meeting requests for rooms from anyone listed in the  rooms Outlook distribution list provided the room is not already booked.
  • Meeting requests from people not in the room's distribution list will be forwarded to the room's delegate/manager who will manually respond to the request

Meeting Organizer Responsibilities

  • All meeting requests must include a subject that clearly defines the purpose of the meeting.  The schedulers name and contact information must also be included in the body of the request.
  • Bring a laptop if needing to use the projector to show information
  • Use only whiteboard approved markers
  • If needing a conference phone - arrange a checkout from Technology Loan and provide a cost center/account to be charged for telephone long distance charges
  • Clean up the room- Place all trash in receptacles, clean whiteboards, contact facilities staff if necessary
  • Conference rooms are normally left open during standard business hours. Meeting organizers are responsible to contact Campus Safety to secure a room during the day (e.g. securing it over the lunch hour) or after normal building hours

Procedures for Scheduling a Swenson Hall Conference Room

Instruction on how to schedule a conference room using Outlook