Learn@UW-Superior can ease the distribution of syllabi and assignments, facilitate feedback and grade reporting to students, aid student time and coursework management, and extend faculty-to-student and student-to-student communication. It can also help prevent overloaded e-mail boxes.

Our Teaching and Learning Tools site has online help guides for students and instructors using Learn@UWSuperior.

Key features of Learn@UWSuperior

Content provides syllabi, course assignments, and instructional materials in text, image, audio, and video formats

Classlist shows all registered students and enables quick whole-class e-mails

Dropbox collects and stores files turned in by students and can return your feedback

Discussion board organizes and displays messages for access anytime, anywhere and can help students learn from each other

Grades shows each student their own scores and grades as the semester progresses

Quizzes offers a range of answer formats, timed and untimed quizzes, and multiple attempts

Learn@UWSuperior Training Sessions

Each session we offer is 1 1/2 hours long with an extra 30 minutes if you want to stay and ask questions about your own courses. We limit the number of people who can attend each session to 20, please sign up ahead of time for any sessions you wish to attend.  Watch the Staff Digest and the Teaching & Learning Tools site for the Learn@ UWSuperior training schedule for sessions on:

  • Downloading and Uploading - Using Content, Dropbox, and Glossary.
  • Grades - Using the Setup Wizard, Managing Grades, Entering Grades, Grade Schemes and Settings, and Exporting Grades.
  • Communication in Learn@UWSuperior - Using the Course Home News, Discussions & Chats, Classlist & Groups.
  • Quizzes and Surveys - Using the Question Library, Creating a Quiz, Grading a Quiz, and Using the Survey Tool.