Policies and Procedures

Appropriate Use Guidelines - This policy document describes at a summary level the basic guidelines for appropriate use of technology and covers a broad set of technology topics.

Cell Phone and Wireless Device Policy

Copyright Practices

Computer Deployment

Computer Replacement

Confidentiality Form

Data Safeguarding

Data Storage Media Disposal

Disconnecting from the Network - Defines circumstances under which, and the procedure to be followed to disconnect a device from the network.

Email - declares the campus e-mail system is an official communication tool for University Business, defines the rules associated with the administration of the email system and defines the appropriate use of _Everyone email distribution lists.

Information Assurance - This policy defines the procedures used to ensure the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of the University's assets, including Information technology (IT) resources such as equipment and processes, are reliable, secure, and used in ways consistent with the campus mission.

Passwords - Defines specific policy on the creation and standards for passwords that give access to university data and also defines the authority given to the networking staff to endure secure passwords.

Personnel Security Policy and Procedures

Physical and Environmental Access Control Policy

Privacy Statement

Procedure for adding Network Connections

Remote Access

ResNet Policies

Response to Subpoenas - Document defines how requests for access to confidential data by legal means such as subpoenas, search warrants, and other official requests will be handled.

Server Deployment Outside the Data Center - This policy is designed ensure that servers on the campus network are licensed and maintained to be secure.

Student Organizations

System and Services Acquisition Policies and Procedures

Teach Act Compliance - The University of Wisconsin-Superior has established this website to document our institutional compliance with the TEACH Act. The website also provides students and instructors with required information about copyright and online learning.

Technology Accessibility - This policy is designed to guide compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act with respect to the implementation of information and instructional technology at UW-Superior.

UW System Information Security: Authentication Policy

UW System Information Security: Authentication Procedures

UW System Information Security: Data Classification Policy

UW System Information Security: Data Classification Procedures

UW System Information Security: Data Protections

UW System Information Security: Awareness Policy

Web Design - This policy is designed to set a uniform standard for appearance and quality for World Wide Web pages created and maintained by administrative offices at UW-Superior