Remote Access Policy

I. Background and Purpose

The policy defines standards for connecting to University of Wisconsin-Superior's network from remote devices. These standards minimize the potential exposure to University of Wisconsin-Superior from damages that may result from unauthorized use of its resources. Damages include the loss of sensitive or company confidential data or intellectual property, damage to public image, damage to critical University of Wisconsin-Superior internal systems, etc.

II. Constraints

This policy applies to anyone accessing University of Wisconsin-Superior network resources from non-University networks. This policy covers remote access not explicitly allowed through the campus firewall and includes, but is not limited to: dialup modems, DSL, VPN, Wireless Access Points, cable modems, etc.

III. Policy Statements

1. Remote access privileges to the University of Wisconsin-Superior's network must be given the same consideration as on-site connections. Written authorization must be obtained from the department head and sent to the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

2. Remote access to the University network over VPN will be permitted for employees on official business from University owned devices. Non-university owned devices will not be allowed access to work computers using remote control technologies.

3. Remote access users are responsible to ensure that they do not violate any University of Wisconsin-Superior policies, perform illegal activities, or use the access for outside business interests. University technology policies are located on the Technology Services page. 

IV. Policy Procedures

1. All external access to networks, systems and data should be done through a centrally administered, tested and sanctioned remote access solution. This policy prohibits the establishment of any unauthorized inroads to the campus network. Any discovered mechanisms of this sort will be removed immediately.

2. All hardware configurations must be approved by Technology Services.

3. All devices remotely connected to the University network must have up-to-date anti-virus software, operating system patches and must be virus free.

4. University of Wisconsin-Superior provides secure remote access to the University network with authentication and encryption. Never provide your login credentials to anyone.

Any employee violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.