Web Publishing Policy

Policy Subject: Web page publishing for administrative offices

Cabinet Division: Advancement

Date Revised: December 2005

I. Background and Purpose

This policy sets uniform standards for appearance, technology and quality for World Wide Web pages created and maintained by administrative offices at UW-Superior.

II. Constraints

The UW-Superior website provides information to current and prospective students and employees as well as to the general public. Accepted industry practice requires that appearance, technology and quality standards be established and maintained for university web pages.

This policy will not interfere in any way with the academic freedom of any individual, department or program at UW-Superior.

III. Definitions

Administrative Office: A university office charged primarily with an operating function of the university as opposed to a primarily academic function.

University Web Design: The design, color scheme and technology for official university web pages as determined by the University Web Team.

Managed Content Pages: Official university administrative web pages requiring consistent appearance and quality. These web pages are maintained by users through a specific web editing tool as defined by the University Web Team.

Non-Managed Content Pages: All web pages -- personal, instructional, student and student organization -- on university servers that are not required to use the University Web Design. These pages must carry a disclaimer that their content does not necessarily represent the official views of UW-Superior.

Index page: A page showing a list or index of links to other web pages, or the first page of a website that includes introductory information about an office or department and links to additional pages.

Visual Identity System: Standards set forth regulating the use of the university logo, the athletics logo, and the university seal. Copies of the Visual Identity System are available from the University Relations Office and on the UW-Superior website at www.uwsuper.edu/visystem.

University Webmaster: An individual whose responsibilities are to:

  • Determine best design for official campus web pages.
  • Monitor advances in web technology and implement when appropriate.
  • Provide leadership in the implementing the Web technical environment including CSS, .NET and Portal applications.
  • Support official campus web pages and department and office web pages.
  • Assist offices and departments with requests for web support.
  • Provide timely response to requests for service.
  • Organize and manage web projects.
  • Support web-related applications
  • Chair the University Web Team:
  • Clearly identify web services and projects.
  • Clearly communicate to team member roles in web projects.
  • Coordinate staff activities through outcome-oriented meetings with timely minutes and specific goals.
  • Implement and enforce web policies.

IV. Policy Statements

4.1 Purpose of Administrative Office Websites

Websites for administrative offices and departments are business tools that belong to the university and follow university policies and procedures.

4.2 Consistent Design

UW-Superior strives to achieve a consistent design and appearance of websites created and maintained by administrative offices.

4.3 Adhering to the University Website Design

Administrative offices with websites will ensure their sites comply with the University Website Design or seek the necessary assistance available on campus to ensure their sites comply with the University Website Design.

4.4 Selecting University Website Design and Technology

Designing, updating or changing the design and technology of the overall university website will be done according to standards, schedules and procedures set by the University's Web Team and approved by the University Technology Committee.

4.5 Accessibility

All university web pages must meet requirements set forth under the UW-Superior Technology Accessibility Policy.

4.6 Logos and Images

All university websites shall conform to UW-Superior's Visual Identity System governing the use of university logos, the university seal and typographic fonts.

4.7 Content

The content of an administrative website is the responsibility of the director or administrator of the office represented by that website unless other arrangements are made with the University Webmaster.

4.8 Managed Pages

Official administrative web pages are considered "managed pages" and fall under the requirements for managed pages set by the University Web Team and the University Webmaster. Those requirements are:

  • Managed pages have a simple and common URL scheme of www.uwsuper.edu/entityname and are placed on the university's designated web server at www.uwsuper.edu.
  • Managed pages use the design designated by the University Web Team. These pages are designed through the use of cascading style sheets, making it easy to change content but difficult to change design.
  • Managed pages are maintained using the editing software designated by the University Web Team.
  • Managed pages comply with all relevant UW-Superior and UW System policies, including technology accessibility standards.
  • Managed pages must be reviewed by their designated web contacts at least once a year. Pages not updated when required may have their links removed from university index pages and may be removed from the university server
  • Managed pages are monitored by the University Webmaster for link integrity and usage statistics.
  • Managed pages are supported by the University Webmaster. This includes  website conversion to university standards and general assistance.

V. Policy Procedures

5.1 University Website Design Resources

Administrative offices requesting updates to websites must comply with the University Website Design shall consult the University Webmaster or the UW-Superior Website Guidelines approved by the University Technology Committee.

5.2 University Website Design Assistance

Administrative offices or individuals seeking assistance with the University Website Design requirements should contact the University Webmaster.

5.3 University Technology Accessibility Policy

Administrative offices or individuals seeking assistance with meeting requirements for the university's Technology Accessibility Policy can consult the University Webmaster.

VI. Compliance

6.1 Administrative office websites will be reviewed for compliance to the University Website Design by University Relations, the University Webmaster and the University Web Team.

6.2 Administrative office websites that do not comply with the University Website Design shall update or redesign their pages to comply.