UW-Superior uses this system to help educators improve their students' critical thinking and composition skills as well as check for improper citation or potential plagiarism.

Our Teaching and Learning Tools site has an online quick guide for instructors using Turnitin. 

Key features of Turnitin

Classes and Assignments - create a class and enroll your students in Turnitin for each course you are teaching at UW-Superior. You can create an inbox for each assignment you want to check for improper citation or potential plagiarism.

Submit Papers - you can submit a paper your student sent you or have the students submit their work directly into Turnitin.

Originality Reports - the Turnitin system will search online and previously submitted papers for content matches.  It will show you how much of the report is original and where the matches were found.

Turnitin Training

The Turnitin website offers training videos and full user manuals for students and instructors.