UW-Superior Data Stewards

According to UW System Administrative Policy 1031.A, each institution shall identify a qualified data steward(s) for each data domain controlled by the institution. It is the responsibility of the data steward to work with IT staff to assure that the data is classified appropriately. Data Stewards work with IT staff to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the university data they preside over. Effective data stewardship is accomplished through a multi-step process, the first step of which is appropriate education and understanding of data classification and data protection controls. Data Stewards are identified in a number of ways, both formal and informal. Technology Services has developed a formal list of Data Stewards on our campus and updates that list annually. If you believe that you are a Data Steward, but have never been contacted by Information Technology please contact our helpdesk immediately, and request that you be added to the formal list of institutional Data Stewards. 

Current Data Stewards