Wireless Computer Access

Wireless Computer Access

Go Wireless!

Wireless Internet Access is now available in most buildings on campus, some have limited access areas, please see our Wireless Coverage Map below. Our wireless system is compatible with the 802.11 a/b/g/n. "Wi-Fi" network standards.

How to Connect

UW-Superior network users are authorized to use the University's wireless network.

To access the UW-Superior wireless network open your web browser and you will be prompted to install the Cisco NAC client. Instructions on how to install the NAC client can be found on in our documentation. The Cisco NAC will determine if your computer is properly protected from viruses and that it is clean of items that could potentially damage the campus network or others computers. If you have issues installing the Cisco NAC client or trouble accessing the wireless network you should contact the Technology Helpdesk via e-mail or by calling 715-394-8300. If you are accessing the wireless in the campus dorms you should contact ResNet at 715-394-8439.

If you are a campus visitor, you can obtain a guest login at the Yellowjacket Union Information Desk or at the Technology Helpdesk in Swenson Hall 2100.

Wireless Coverage Map