Video Conferencing

We have three Video Conferencing locations available on campus.  These rooms can be scheduled by contacting the Technology Helpdesk at 715-394-8300 .

The three locations are:

  • Old Main 316 - Administrative Conference Room (10-15 participants)
  • Erlanson  305 (10 to 15 participants)
  • Swenson 1070B (only 3 participants)

The video conference coordinator for your event should send an e-mail with specific instructions of how to connect to your video conference. They should include:

  • Dates and times of conference and possibly connection testing sessions
  • An IP number
  • System requirements i.e if UW-Superior can send and receive content
  • Technical contact prior to and day of conference

Please include all of the above information in an e-mail to the Technology Helpdesk 

Please note that Video conferencing charges may be applicable by ICS depending on the location and type of video conference connections required. Please provide a cost center and account name when making reservations.

My UW System Portal Web Conferencing

The My UW System portal provides employees with online access to payroll, leave and benefits information. The portal has expanded to include an Employee Resources tab with a web conferencing tool (Blackboard Collaborate) and a UW System News Feed.  Employees logging into the portal will continue to see their default Work Record tab. The Employee Resources tab will include the new features and some content moved from the Work Record tab. 

How to Use the My UW System Portal Web Conference Tool:

Other Blackboard Collaborate (BB-C) Resources:


The Webinar provider will usually send an email with specific instructions on how to connect to their sessions. This may include:

  • Dates and times
  • A telephone Number to call if the audio is a separate component from their online presentation
  • A meeting session login and or password
  • Computer hardware and software requirements
  • A link to the online component of webinar
  • A link to specific presentation software which may be required to participate
  • Test session times and dates to test your connection to the webinar
  • Technical assistance and contact information for testing and day of the webinar

If you are participating in a webinar in your office or another location and need assistance setting up your computer please contact the Technology Helpdesk at 715-394-8300 .  Please include all the above information in your request.  Some webinars may require the use of computer speakers, computer headphones with a integrated microphone and a web camera, these items can be checked out at the Technology Helpdesk.

Telephone Conferencing

We have a Telephone Bridge line dedicated for telephone conference calls that can be reserved in advance. In order to reserve the Bridge please contact the Technology Helpdesk at 715-394-8300 to make your request. 

In order to use the Bridge each party will call extension 8500 (Internally) or 715-394-8500 from an off campus location.  When each party calls the Bridge it will ring one or two times before you are connected. The first person to connect will hear dead air, this is because no one else is connected yet.  Once others connect you will hear your other participants. The Bridge is limited to a total of six connections total, regardless if they are internal or external.