Graphic Design Production

Large Format Printing on Campus

Students who need university related posters printed can contact the Yellowjacket Union Information Desk by calling 715-394-8244 or visiting the YU. 

Brandon Iverson in the Center for Continuing Education office can be contacted for the printing of other university related posters.

Creating a Large Format Poster

If you do not have access to or experience using a graphic design program like Adobe Creative Suite, we recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint to create your large format poster.  Most people have used PowerPoint before to create presentations and it will give you more control over the font placement and sizes.  You can change the slide size to your final print size without having a printer that will print that size yourselves.

Best Practices for Creating a Presentation Poster

The University Marketing and Communications Office has a Visual Identity System guide that will help you design a poster using University colors, style, and typography (acceptable fonts).  It will also explain the various rules and restrictions when using the University design elements.


Using Images on Your Poster

The Jim Dan Hill Library has a Copyright & Fair Use page that covers copyright basics; distinctions between fair use and public domain, as well as “How to Apply Fair Use 4 Factors”; using images, DVDs and videos appropriately; and an extensive resource page (including books/ books and links to more information on topics important to educators, including the US and Canadian Copyright offices; the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center; Copyright Clearance Center; and specialized sites for musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, journalists and more.

Finding Images for Your Poster

We all want to create a poster that is eye-catching while still being professional but we need to make sure any images we select aren't someone else's copyrighted materials we don't have permission to use.  University Relations maintains an archive of images depicting the campus, university events, and faculty and student activities that might fit your needs.  Please see the University Marketing and Communications Photography page for more information.

The Make Use Of website has an article called "7 Great Ways To Find Free Images Online" that can help with this.  The article explains what types of images are available, how to find ones that aren't copyrighted, and has links to several image websites.  When you are using these websites, make sure that the images you select are free to use and you follow any attribution requirements the artists have made.

Using the UW-Superior Signature Logo on Your Poster

If you want to add the University's logo to your poster, make sure you use an image that will be crisp and clear when it's printed on your large format poster.  You can find a high quality image on the University Marketing and Communication Signature Logo page.  Click on the "JPG" link under the image, this will bring you to a new page that you can right-click to save the image to your computer.

Creating a Poster Tutorial Videos

  • Adding Content to Your Poster - This video is on how to create subtitles and organize your information; text boxes with paragraphs and bulleted lists; and design elements to make your poster easier to read.
  • Adding SmartArt to Your Poster – This video is on how to add SmartArt to your poster as a quick and easy way to show information without using paragraphs.
  • Adding Logos and Images to Your Poster – This video is on how to add the University Logo to your poster as well as find and insert images that are appropriate to use on your poster, including the Google Advanced Image Search.


Poster Templates

Each template has lorem ipsum (fake text) paragraphs as placeholders, that you can replace with your own.  The title and subheadings can also be replaced with your own text.  The University logos on these poster templates are the high resolution version for print use.

22 x 28 Templates

24 x 36 Templates

36 x 48 Templates