Office Phones and Voicemail

Adding or Changing Office Phones

Technology Services provides support services for campus office phones and voicemail. Requests to add or change phone service can be made by sending an email to Please provide all details of your request - including the cost center for installation costs and recurring monthly costs.


Staff and faculty are provided voicemail on campus phone lines.

Voicemail FAQs

Conference Call Line

The campus has a dedicated unsecured line available for conference calls that can be reserved in advance. Each invited party can call into ext 8500 or 715-394-8500 . There will be a ring or two before you are connected. The first person there will hear dead air (because no one else is there yet). The UW-Superior conference line is limited to 6 parties and is unsecured. To reserve the conference line - send an e-mail to This service is available to UW-Superior departments at no charge.

For phone conferences with more than 6 parties connecting, or those that need passcode security, you may contract with the Wisline reservations at phone number 602-262-0753 or at the web link of At their web link look under, How To, and the second item is Scheduling an Audio Conference. You will need to set up a departmental account and provide them with your billing contact information.

Office Phone Billing

Departments are billed for their monthly local and long distance phone calls and an annual charge for each phone line. A new billing program went into service as of October 2008. Submit your questions to and as we are able we will research your question and have someone respond to you.