Voicemail FAQs

All UW-Superior telephone extensions may be dialed directly 24 hours a day. An automatic answering service (Auto Attend) will provide directory information. The Auto Attend is available by calling the general campus number at 715-394-8101 .

In case of Emergency

Police, Fire, Ambulance- Dial 911

Non-emergency and campus assistance, contact Campus Safety at x8114 (on campus) or 715-394-8114 (off campus). Officers are on duty and calls are answered 24 hours per day.

Repair or Service Changes:

Faculty and Staff: report all inoperative telephones to helpdesk@uwsuper.edu.

For changes or additions to faculty/staff service, contact Phone Service at helpdesk@uwsuper.edu. Students should call Residence Life at x8438.

Make an Off-Campus Call:

  1. (Faculty/Administrative telephones)
  2. Local calls: Dial 9 + number
  3. Long Distance (STS): Dial 9 + 1 + area code + number (personal calls on STS lines are strictly prohibited by federal and state laws)
  4. International calls: Dial 9 - 011 - Country Code - Phone Number. If your call fails, your extension's routing service code may need to be changed to allow international calling.

Information Calls:

Directory Assistance for local (715 area code) numbers: Dial 9 + 411

Directory Assistance for outside (715 area code): Dial 9 + (area code) + 555-1212

On Campus Calls to Faculty/Administrative/Dorm Phones:

Dial the 4-digit extension number

Last Number Redial:

Dial ** (will call the last numbered entered)

Retrieve Voice Messages:

From your phone: Dial 5000, follow voice instructions

From another campus phone: Dial 8000 (allow message to play), Dial 9 + your extension, follow voice instructions

From an off-campus phone: Dial 715-394-8000 (allow message to play), Dial 9 + your extension, follow voice instructions

Setting Up Your Mailbox:

If you want to...

Change your busy greeting, enter 3-1-3-1 or 3-5
Change your name recording, enter 3-1-5
Change your out-of-office greeting, enter 3-1-3-3 or 3-6
Change your password, enter 3-1-4
Change your standard greeting, enter 3-1-3-2 or 3-4

Performing common tasks while logged into the voicemail system:

If you want to...

Listen to New Messages, enter 1
Record or Send Message, enter 2
Phone Manager Functions, enter 3
Delete Message, enter 4
Review Message, enter 6
Retrieve Deleted Messages (this session only), enter 7
Reply to Message, enter 8
Quit, enter *

While listening to a message:

If you want to...

Increase Playback Speed, enter 1-4
Decrease Playback Speed, enter 1-7
Skip Ahead 5 Seconds, enter 9
Skip Back 5 Seconds, enter 3
Skip to Next Message, enter 7