Printing On Campus

Printing for Students

Each UW-Superior student has a printing account on the campus network. This account is charged when you print documents in campus computer labs. The Student Technology Fee provides funds for $30 worth of printing each academic term. Charges are 10 cents per black and white page, 17 cents per black and white duplex (double sided printing), or 40 cents per color page--color laser printing is available in the Swenson Hall 1021, JDH Library, and YU Labs.

Click the "$" icon at the lower right of your computer screen for a report of your account. If you use your $30 allocation before the end of the term, you'll be billed for your printing balance when the term ends.

Printing for Faculty and Staff

Most faculty and staff have printers located in their individual offices or department offices.  Windows computer users have a convenient Web-based network printing utility available. If you need to print to a network printer and it's not installed on your computer, point your Web browser at http://pike/printers. This website provides a list of the campus networked printers, and a Connect link to permit you to print your documents.