ePortfolio Feasibility Study

General Information

In the past, some Department of Education students and faculty have used Chalk and Wire with support from Technology Services. Recently, the Career Services office is providing some academic departments a sub-component of Handshake as a career portfolio for students. The Wisconsin Department of Instruction is adopting new expectations for Teacher Education departments in the use of e-portfolios for assessment. A number of UW System schools have piloted the Desire to Learn (D2L) electronic portfolio and UW System Common Systems purchased a UW site license of the D2L e-portfolio. Through campus collaboration, we now need to develop a plan to provide support and assistance for faculty who wish to expand the use of electronic portfolios in the curriculum.

  • Convene planning group of Assessment Office, Career Services, Center for Academic Advising, and Department of Education, and Technology Services to frame requirements for e-portfolio comparison. 
  • Develop a project charter that reflects the stakeholders and multiple purposes that this tool might assist in our students' academic success.
  • Conduct a comparison to determine if D2L e-portfolio can replace Optimal (from Handshake).
  • Design and conduct a pilot opportunity for interested academic departments.
  • Evaluate the pilot project and plan for wider adoption if successful.

Chalk & Wire ePortfolio

Desire2Learn ePortfolio