IT Access Process

IT Access Process

Project Scope

Examine and Redesign the Information Technology Access Process from the point it is determined that a UW staff member needs access to University computer systems and/or databases to when the access has been provided and paperwork has been completed. Also changes to status such as transfers, separation or retirement.

Project Outcomes

  • Appropriate and timely access needed to perform job functions, with appropriate security functions in place and access removed in a timely fashion when the business need ends
  • All employees have the correct IT access aligned with arrival/start date
  • Timely notification of employee change of status
  • Access is removed upon separation or updated upon transfer/retirement
  • A flexible system-a person assigned to a menu of services.  "plug-n-play"
  • Automated system where possible
  • Support interface (Help-desk) where appropriate

Team Members

Peggy Fecker, Value Stream Manager
Mary Schoeler
Tom Janicki
Irina Bezroukova
Kathy Krause
Nina Kangas
Jim Rink

Project Documents

Team Charter

UW-System Group IT Access - Future State, Stevens Point

Action Item Planning Sheet

Value Stream Mapping Report Out