Mobile/Wireless Purchases

Wireless services have increased mobility and flexibility for many campus departments. As the use of cellular phones and wireless devices grow, so does the cost to campus. In the interest of insuring the best quality service for the most economical cost, the Acquisition & Use of Wireless Handheld Voice & Data Services and Equipment policy has been developed. Employees must consider other viable options such as landline phone, University calling cards, University Internet access, pagers or other less expensive communication devices before approving the costs for the electronic mobile devices and services.

Employees may be candidates for state-assigned Wireless Services if they:

  • Are required to remotely access their e-mail or calendar on a regular basis in order to carry out their job responsibilities;
  • Must remotely complete time sensitive work on a regular basis;
  • Have responsibilities related to emergency response or continuity of business services;
  • Can significantly increase productivity and/or reduce overall expenses for the State by using state assigned Wireless Services; or
  • Can otherwise establish that Wireless Services are necessary

Personal use of Wireless Services is prohibited, except for essential personal calls and calls otherwise permitted under a collective bargaining agreement or the Compensation Plan (such as calls relating to overnight travel provisions).

See the following policy for full details and application materials.

Wireless Voice and Data Policy (Cell Phones)

iPad users should use Wi-Fi service whenever possible.  When Wi-Fi service is not sufficient, users may request 3G services.

iPad 3G Service Request Form