Research Resources

College of Technology at the University of Houston
Logistics & Transportation Policy Program (LTPP)

Georgia Tech
Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL)

Iowa State University
Institute for Transportation

Louisiana State University
Louisiana Transportation Research Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Transportation & Logistics

North Carolina State University
Supply Chain Resource Consortium

Northwestern University
Transportation Center

National Transportation Research Center

Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania Transportation Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Studies

University of Kentucky
Kentucky Transportation Center

University of Michigan
Transportation Research Institute

University of Minnesota
Center for Transportation Studies

University of Ohio-Toledo
Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI)
University Transportation Center

University of Southern California-Davis
Institute of Transportation Studies

University of Southern California-Los Angeles
Institute of Transportation Studies

University of Texas-Austin
The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) 

University of Tennessee
The Southeastern Transportation Center

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for Urban Transportation Studies

Virginia Tech
Center for Transportation Research