Service Request Form

We are here to help you reach your objectives and support the image and mission of UW-Superior. Complete the form below to request assistance from University Marketing and Communications. This form is intended to help you think about the purpose, scope and direction your project will take. Upon completion of your request someone from our office will contact you to follow-up on your project. Projects that do not require a service request are business cards, letterhead and envelope overprints.

Please observe the following lead times. All requests will be reviewed on a weekly basis, and it will be determined at that time if the Marketing and Communications Office has the resources available to assist with your project.

Note that smaller/larger projects will not always fall within the recommended time period. If you are preparing your own printed material for an external audience, you must submit it for brand review prior to printing.

  • Publications: At least six (6) weeks prior to the time the publication is needed
  • Video: Six (6) weeks prior to your desired publish date
  • Other Marketing/Promotions: Three (3) weeks prior to event or publish date

If your marketing piece requires mailing, it is your responsibility to coordinate directly with the mail room. Contact the Mail Room as soon as possible to ensure timely mailing of your materials.

For additional help or questions, please contact University Marketing and Communications.

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Please provide a detailed description of your request and any additional information that you think we will find helpful when servicing your request.