Digital Signage Policy

  • Send your advertisement to at least one week in advance.
    • Advertisements are available only for campus sponsored events and programs.
    • During the first two weeks, at the start of each academic term, campus services will be allowed to advertise.
    • Advertisements must be saved in JPEG format (PDFs are not accepted). Dimensions are (1920x910), or landscape orientation.
  • Advertisements will be displayed a maximum of 10 days prior to the event.
  • For recurring events and meetings, advertisements will be displayed a maximum of 2 days prior to the event.
  • Please include the date, time, location, and sponsoring organization.

How to save your advertisement as a JPEG

  • Save you promotion as a .pdf
  • Open your .pdf
  • File "save as"
  • In the "save as"¬†dialogue box there is a drop box menu "Save as type"
  • Select JPEG, hit save.