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  • Graduate school education

  • Diversity

Marsha Francis
Academic Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program

E-mail: mfrancis@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8088

  • Child Development

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Infant Mental Health

  • Early Childhood Mental Health

Dr. Jim Geidner
Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance

E-mail: JGEIDNER@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8390

Cell phone: 218-310-1693

  • Graduate School preparation, planning and enrollment

Sue Holm
Director, McNair Scholars Program

E-mail: sholm@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8093


  • literacy education

  • middle level education

  • teacher professional development

Dr. Wendy Kropid
Professor of English Education
Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

E-mail:  wkropid@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone:  715-394-8240

Community groups only, please


  • Special Education and disability issues

  • Educational leadership

Dr. Rhoda Robinson
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Special Education

E-mail:  rrobinso@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone:  715-394-8029

Cell phone (optional):  218 341-0226

  • Social studies education

Dr. Kenneth L. Shonk
Assistant Professor of Social Studies
Department of Social Inquiry

E-mail: kshonkjr@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8325





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