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Experts listed alphabetically

Experts listed alphabetically

University Marketing and Communications

Experts listed alphabetically


Harry Anderson

Dean of Students     
Former Director of Campus Recreation

Expertise: UW-Superior campus recreation programs and recreation facilities


Campus telephone: (715) 394-8241



Dr. William Bajjali
Professor of hydrogeology
Department of Natural Sciences


  • Hydrogeology
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Water quality
  • Isotope hydrology
  • GIS Applications in Water Resources


Campus telephone: (715) 394-8056  



Chip Beal
Diversity coordinator
Assistant professor of First Nations Studies

Expertise: Diversity (racial and cultural); American Indians


Telephone: 715-394-8297

Cell phone: 218-428-2325


Dr. Sergei Bezroukov
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Expertise: Discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, microcontrollers, hardware and software development


Telephone: 715-394-8523


Kay Biga
Assistant Professor of Management and Business Law
Department of Business and Economics

Expertise: Business Law, Business Ethics and Small Business Management


Telephone: (218) 390-6507


Dr. Pamela Bustos
Director of Bands, Department of Music

Expertise: Music 


Campus telephone:715-394-8509


Tim Cleary
Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts

Expertise:  Visual arts  


Campus telephone: 715-394-8391


Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo
Professor of Legal Studies
Director of Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Expertise:  Law, mediation and conflict resolution


Campus telephone:  715-394-8482

Cell phone: 218-591-8488 


Dr. Nicholas Danz
Assistant Professor of Botany, Department of Natural Sciences

Expertise:  Plants, ecology, forest ecology and management, Lake Superior coastal region 

Telephone: 715-394-8161


Dr. Khalil Dokhanchi
Professor of Political Science, Department of Social Inquiry

Expertise:  Middle East; International Relations


Campus telephone: 715 394 8484

Cell phone (optional): 218 348 7896


Dr. Virginia Donovan
Assistant Professor of French

Expertise: French and Francophone languages, literatures and cultures


Campus telephone: 715-394-8037




Dr. Martha Einerson
Professor and chair
Department of Communicating Arts


Telephone: 715-394-8077

  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Conflict Management
  • Language in Communication
  • Women and Conflict in Higher Education Administration
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Communication 



Dr. Olawole Famule
Associate Professor, Art History and Fibers Structure
Department of Visual Arts


Telephone: 715-394-8379

Expertise: African and African Diaspora Visual Cultures-art history/ visual cultures of the Africans and African Diaspora in the Americas, Caribbean, Brazil, and others.


Tammy Fanning
Associate Dean of Students, Student Responsibility and Advocacy

Telephone: 715-394-8243



  • Student responsibilities and conduct
  • Working toward a career in student affairs
  • Counseling/helping skills
  • Advocacy for areas such as gender equity, women's issues, GLBTQAI community and students of color
  • Veteran student services
  • Team building 





Dr. Marsha Francis
Academic Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program

Expertise: Multicultural/ Diversity(cultural sensitivity and counseling), graduate school preparation


Telephone: 715-394-8088



Dr. Jim Geidner
Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance


  • Child Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Infant Mental Health
  • Early Childhood Mental Health


Telephone: 715-394-8390

Cell phone: 218-310-1693


Dr. Lois Veenhoven Guderian
 Assistant Professor of Music and Music Education Coordinator

Expertise: music education; choral music; music composition; music performance (piano, voice, choral); music research in various areas, especially creativity in music; interdisciplinary arts; choral historical


Campus telephone: 715-394-9244





Gary W. Johnson      
Director, First Nations Center
Assistant Professor of First Nations Studies

Expertise: American Indian issues, including education, politics, and history; diversity issues 


Campus telephone: 715-394-8132


Dr. Marshall Johnson  
Professor of Sociology, Department of  Social Inquiry

Expertise:  China and Indonesia, Social Issues, Class and Economics


Campus telephone:  715-394-8039


Brett Jones
Assistant Professor of Percussion, Department of Music

Expertise: Music, Percussion


Campus telephone: 715-394-8255


Christina Kline
Outreach Program Manager
Distance Learning Center

Expertise: Interdisciplinary Studies Major; Credit for Prior Learning, Sustainable Management, Health and Wellness Management


Campus telephone: 715-394-8055


Dr. Wendy Kropid
Professor of English Education
Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Campus telephone:  715-394-8240


  • Literacy education
  • Middle level education
  • Teacher professional development



Susan Loonsk
Department of Visual Arts

Telephone: 715-394-8508



  • Ecopsychology 
  • Painting 
  •  Printmaking
  •  Art Therapy



Lisa Miller Mattsson
Outreach Specialist and Instructor
Center for Continuing Education

Ethical leadership


Campus telephone:715-394-8013

Cell phone: 218-464-3177


Jenice Meyer
Director, Academic Service-Learning  and the
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness in Superior (GEARS) Program

Expertise: Community and campus partnerships, academic service-learning, civic engagement


Campus telephone: 715-394-8332

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Rick Moran
Senior Lecturer, Department of Business and Economics

Expertise: marketing, travel and tourism, entrepreneurship, small-business management


Campus telephone:715-394-8386

Cell phone:  612-817-9984


Donald Mulhern
Women's Basketball Coach
Instructor, Department of Health and Human Performance

Expertise:  Sport psychology, basketball 


Campus telephone: 715 395 4672



Brent Notbohm
Associate Professor of Media

Expertise: Media; film history and criticism; film and video production


Campus telephone: 715-394-8269







Krisi Patterson
Assistant director of campus recreation

Expertise: Student development in fitness and wellness; sports and recreation programming


Telephone: 715-395-4611


Dr. Eleni Pinnow
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Department of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity

Expertise: Psychology, specifically cognitive, learning and language


Campus telephone: 715-394-8312




Ray Reinertsen
Senior Lecturer, Department of Health and Human Performance

Expertise: Wellness,  Change theory,  running, coaching, athletics


Campus telephone:  715-395-4621

Cell phone (optional):  218-393-4984 



Dr. Deborah Schlacks
Professor of English
Coordinator of Writing Across The Curriculum

Expertise: Writing; Writing Across the Curriculum


Telephone: 715-394-8235



Dr. Zamira Simkins
Assistant Professor of Economics
Academic Department: Business and Economics


  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic development and growth
  • Political economy
  • Reverse mortgages


Campus telephone: 715-394-8360


Dr. Joel Sipress
Professor of History, Department of Social Inquiry

Expertise: United States history in general; labor history and labor issues; race and ethnicity; economic policy; financial and monetary system


Campus telephone: 715-394-8337 


Dr. Shin-Ping Tucker
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Expertise:  Web Design, Database, Business Computer Applications, and Information Technology and Systems


Campus telephone: 715-394-8466



Dr. Alisa Von Hagel
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Expertise: American government and U.S. politics; gender and politics; biomedical technology policy


Campus telephone: 715-394-8354


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