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Local history contacts: Dr. Joel Sipress, history professor, 715-394-8337, and Laura Jacobs, university archivist, 715-394-8359




  • Irish history

  • Contemporary American history

  • Africa and the modern Middle East history

  • European history (including modern Europe; British and French empires; imperialism, colonialism and post-colonialism; Britain; France; Italy; and Spain)

  • Canadian history

  • History of rock and roll (especially punk, post punk, and alternative rock)

  • History of cinema

  • United States history

  • Labor history and labor relations

  • Race and ethnicity

  • Economic policy

  • Financial and monetary system


Dr. Joel Sipress
Professor of History
Department of Social Inquiry

E-mail: jsipress@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8337





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