Campus Question and Answer

Campus Question and Answer

This page is intended to help provide a place where people can hear answers to common questions around campus.  It is also a place where members of the campus community can submit their questions or observations.  Each submission will be reviewed by the Chancellor's cabinet.  Questions and answers posted to this page are those that have the widest relevance to the campus community.

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Regarding the program prioritization process, have any decisions already been made?

The only decision that has been made right now is that the university is going through the process to review and prioritize both academic and non-academic programs. No other decisions have been made in regards to shifting priorities or funding at this time. Everyone on campus may have their own ideas, but this process is being done so that everyone has an equal opportunity. Again, administration has NOT made any decisions yet in regards to programs.

Did the Chancellor receive a raise above and beyond the 1% that everyone else received?

Yes. The Board of Regents approved a policy on October 10, 2013 in regards to Executive Salary Structure. This was done as part of their continuing efforts to address competitive compensation challenges. The last time the Chancellor salary ranges were adjusted was in 2008. With this adjustment, Chancellor Wachter received a 4.3% raise.

Can you buy beer in the Yellowjacket Union?

Yes. Jacket Java is now offering wine and beer sales, starting at 4:30 p.m. This initiative was led by the Student Government Association. Read the full story about alcohol sales in the YU.