UW-Superior Logo | University Marketing and Communications

The University Marketing and Communications Office maintains and oversees the use of official university symbols, including the seal, logo, and name.

Please read this entire section carefully before using the logo. Proper use of the UW-Superior logo is important to increase recognition and in providing a consistent and professional image for the University.

Rules for using the University logo apply to all departments and organizations, and to all off-campus organizations using the logo with permission. If you have questions about how to use the logo, contact University Marketing and Communications.

Logo Downloads

You can download logos in various formats here.

Using the Logo

This is the preferred version of the main university logo:


Logo Guidelines


  • stretch the logo, reapportion it or distort it in any way.
  • make other words or images superior to the University logo. Department, office, or program names may be prominently displayed on printed or electronic material, but cannot be portrayed as being of the same or greater significance than the University logo.
  • use the logo smaller than 1.5 inches wide.
  • position the logo at an angle.
  • redraw the logo or substitute a different font.
  • combine with another logo or other graphic element, including another UW-Superior logo
  • enclose the logo within a shape.
  • allow other visual elements (words, other logos, photos, etc.) to crowd the logo. To maintain this, an established area of isolation exists around the logo.

To obtain black-and-white logos or images of the University logo or the University Seal, contact University Marketing and Communications.

University symbols and name are protected registered marks. Use by vendors in the creation of merchandise is monitored. While we do not have a licensing program you must follow the guidelines on this website and use only the approved logos without alterations. Other uses by outside organizations should be cleared through University Marketing and Communications

Affiliated Groups

UW-Superior and its affiliated organizations may use the University logo. Examples include UW-Superior Alumni Association Inc., and the UW-Superior Foundation Inc.

The logo may be used with permission by outside agencies to announce the University's participation in an event or project. However, not all events occurring on campus or coordinated by university personnel are university events. Use of the logo by outside agencies should be cleared through University Marketing and Communications.

Using the University logo for merchandising must be licensed by UW-Superior.