Past Presentations

Here is a collection of marketing-related presentations prepared by the University Marketing and Communications staff.

Assessing and Improving Your Website
Presented in January 2011 during faculty and staff enhancement day  

Creative Promotion for Student Organizations
Presented in October 2010 at Student Organization Conference  

Marketing Your Brand
Presented in January 2011 to Yellowjacket Activities Crew  

Opening Week (Spring 2011)
Presented in January 2011 during faculty and staff opening week meeting  

UW-Superior Marketing Research Results
Results from campus email survey on UW-Superior perception and characteristics (internal only)

UW-Superior Brand Consultation and Qualitative Research
Results from marketing and branding focus groups conducted and presented by consultant Brenda Harms, Statmats (internal only)

PowerPoint Template

This PowerPoint presentation template will help convey the UW-Superior brand. The template still allows for creativity and individuality depending on the audience and the unit presenting.

PowerPoint Template (white background)

PowerPoint Template (gray background)