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University Marketing and Communications maintains the Official Facebook page as well as the page for the Alumni Association.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

A collection of Facebook Timeline cover photos are available for use on your personal Facebook Timelines and Facebook pages for other campus units. Please feel free to use these to show your UW-Superior spirit!

Best Practices 

  • Post at least 2-3 times per week. If you are not planning or able to post valuable content a minimum of 2 times per week, consider combining your efforts within a larger department or program or adding a "discussion" to an existing Facebook page.
  • Vary your messaging. Active participation (questions, contests, etc.) and information (news and how-to). Invite user interaction by posting photos, videos, and links. Be sure to monitor for those using your site to market their wares or promote an agenda.
  • Enrich your page. Add interest to by creating photo albums, events, videos, discussions, etc. Update occasionally.
  • Use a professional profile image. Unless you are a group that works primarily with students, stay a way from "cute" pictures/images. Always consider your audience. It is best to put forth a professional image for the University. University Relations is available to suggest images or provide a customized image that will shrink appropriately.
  • Include a Facebook icon within your unit's web page. Place the icon in a prominent location to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • Add applicable social media links to your lower-left contact element (Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). This is in addition to the more prominent icon. See University Marketing and Communications for an example.
  • Include photos for items you promote within your University webpage. When you insert a link on your Facebook page, the photo will appear on your wall and in others' news feeds, adding increased visual appeal.
  • Stay on topic. Your posts/comments should be related to actual UW-Superior activities, people, successes, etc. Refrain from relating personal opinions and causes on your University Facebook page. If you have any questions about this, contact University Marketing and Communications.
  • "Friend/Like" similar pages on Facebook. It's a great way to keep abreast of what others are doing, and to find relevant information to share with UW-Superior social media followers.
  • Be responsive. Respond in a timely manner to user's questions, relevant news and trends, and changes to Facebook functionality.

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