Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices

Social Media and the Work Environment

Use of social media while in the work environment should be related to your actual duties and job description. Be respectful of University time and resources, and remember that your first "job" is to conduct the business of the University. Use your own time and computer to maintain your personal sites. Some guidelines have been provided by the Human Resources Office and Technology Services.

Personal Social Media Sites

You may identify yourself as a UW-Superior faculty or staff member on your personal social media sites. Be clear that your opinions shared on your personal site are yours and are not necessarily shared by the University. The use of UW-Superior logos/images as avatars on social media sites is reserved for use on official university sites only. The use of any UW-Superior logos or images on your personal sites, as well as promotion of personal marketing efforts, opinions, or political issues, is not permitted.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

We have made some Facebook Timeline cover photos available for use on your personal Facebook Timelines. Please feel free to use these to show your UW-Superior spirit!

Best Practices for Social Media Interactions between Faculty/Staff and Students

  • Always remember that your actions reflect on the University, even when posting on your personal social media profile. Think before you post.
  • Faculty and staff attempting to reach a student via social media are encouraged to send a "Message" to the student through Facebook rather than send a "Friend Request."
  • Faculty and staff may interact with students through social media, but it is highly recommended that the faculty/staff not attempt to initiate contact with a student by sending a "Friend Request." Let the student initiate the "Friend Request." While faculty and staff are not obligated to do so, they may accept "Friend Requests" from students; however, professionalism is of utmost importance.

Copyright and Fair Use

  • Be sure to attribute borrowed content.
  • Note that UW-Superior logos  and names are trademarked and should be used appropriately.
  • Understand the UW-Superior Copyright Practices.
  • Do not post confidential or proprietary information about UW-Superior, its students and alumni, or your colleagues. Use good ethical judgment and follow University policies, and state and federal requirements, such as FERPA.

Google My Business

University Marketing and Communications maintains Google My Business (Google Places) listings for the university and its individual buildings. If you identify a building or location on campus that needs a Google My Business profile created, please contact University Marketing and Communications.

Social Media Guidelines

Before you begin, consider the following:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your goal?
  • How often will you update your social media site?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring your social media site?
  • How will you respond to feedback?
  • Could you partner with an existing UW-Superior social media site for greater impact and presence?
  • Be sure that your unit creates a Facebook "page" and not an individual "profile".
  • Inform the Technology Services Help Desk and University Marketing and Communications when you start a new social media site.

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