Requesting Website Updates

Making a website update request

Website update requests can be sent via email to When sending a request, please follow the standard format below to ensure the web team has all the information needed to make the update.

Email Subject Line

  • Concise and clear
  • Specifically states type of update
  • Some examples:
    • “Update Link on Public Safety Page”
    • “Update File on First Nations Page”
    • “Typo on Admissions Page”
    • “New URL Redirect Link”
    • “New Info for Course Page”


  • Must contain descriptive summary of the update request
  • Must contain a link(s) to the relevant page(s)
  • All relevant information provided, including any attachments
  • If the request is time sensitive, please include the deadline of when the request must be completed


      Subject: File Upload on Public Safety Page


I would like to request a new file upload (please see the attached PDF) on the following page:

On the page, please use the text “2021” to link to this file. 

Please let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks for your assistance,

John Smith


  • Please send any text changes in a Word document. Please indicate the changes with color coding or highlighting to make it easy to identify the updates that need to be made.  Text changes might be reviewed by University Marketing and Communications.
  • Please send all files you would like uploading to the website as a .PDF
  • If possible, please keep all uploaded files below 1MB


Please note: Tickets that do not follow the recommended template could be delayed as the web team may need additional information to complete the request.