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Admissions Admissions Facebook    Admissions Twitter   Admissions Instagram
Alumni Association  Alumni Association Facebook    Alumni Association Linkedin      
Athletics  Athletics Facebook      Athletics Twitter  Athletics YouTube  
Athletics-Mens Basketball  Mens Basketball Facebook          
Athletics- Baseball          Baseball YouTube  
Biology  Biology Facebook          
Campus Recreation Campus Recreation Facebook Campus Recreation Flickr     Website You Tube
Campus Safety  Campus Safety Facebook          
Career Services  Career Services Facebook     Career Services LinkedIn  Career Services Twitter   Career Services YouTube  Career Services Pinterest
Center for Academic Advisement  Center for Academic Advisement Facebook          
Center for Academic
 Academic Service-Learning Facebook          
Continuing Education  Continuing Education Facebook  Continuing Education Flickr        
Department of Business and Economics      Department of Business and Economics LinkedIn      
Dining Services Dining Services Facebook     Dining Services Twitter    
Distance Learning and Extended Degree Alumni  Distance Learning Alumni Facebook          
Distance Learning Center  Distance Learning Center Facebook          
Educational Leadership  Educational Leadership Facebook          
Financial Aid Office  Financial Aid Facebook          
First Nations Studies  First Nations Studies Facebook          
First Year Experience  First Year Experience Facebook          
Gender Equity Resource Center  Gender Equity Facebook          
Human Resources 
 facebook icon     
Jim Dan Hill Library  Jim Dan Hill Library Facebook      Jim Dan Hill Library Twitter    
Music Department Music Department Facebook Music Department Flickr   Music Department Twitter  Music Department YouTube  
Office of International Programs    Office of International Programs Flickr        
Office of Multicultural Affairs  Office of Multicultural Affairs Facebook          
Residence Life Residence Life Facebook          
Small Business Development Center Small Business Development Center Facebook     Small Business Development Center Twitter    
Student Involvement Student Involvement Facebook  Student Involvement Flickr        
Student Support Services Student Support Services Facebook          
Technology Services  UW-Superior Technology Services Facebook Page          
TRiO Alumni  UW-Superior TRiO Alumni Facebook          
Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center  Vetran and Nontraditional Student Center Facebook          
Writing Center  Writing Center Facebook          
Yellowjacket Union  Yellowjacket Union Facebook          

Student Organizations

1st Floor Crownhart Hall         1st Floor Crownhart Facebook        
1st Floor Curran-McNeill Hall   1st Floor Curran-McNeill Hall Facebook        
1st Floor Hawkes Hall   1st Floor Hawkes Hall Facebook        
1st Floor Ostrander Hall   1st Floor Ostrander Hall Facebook        
1st Floor Ross Hall   1st Floor Ross Hall Facebook        
2nd Floor Crownhart Hall   2nd Floor Crownhart Hall Facebook        
2nd Floor Curran-McNeill Hall   2nd Floor Curran-McNeill Facebook        
2nd Floor Hawkes Hall   2nd Floor Hawkes Hall Facebook        
2nd Floor Ostrander Hall   2nd Floor Ostrander Hall Facebook        
2nd Floor Ross Hall   2nd Floor Ross Hall Facebook        
3rd Floor Crownhart Hall   3rd Floor Crownhart Hall Facebook        
3rd Floor Curran-McNeill Hall   3rd Floor Curran-McNeill Hall Facebook        
3rd Floor Hawkes Hall   3rd Floor Hawkes Hall Facebook        
3rd Floor Ostrander Hall   3rd Floor Ostrander Hall Facebook         
4th Floor Curran-McNeill Hall   4th Floor Curran-McNeill Hall Facebook        
4th Floor Hawkes Hall   4th Floor Hawkes Hall Facebook        
4th Floor Ostrander Hall   4th Floor Ostrander Hall Facebook        
91.3 KUWS   91.3 KUWS Facebook         
ACDA (American Choral Directors Association)   ACDA Facebook        
Black Student Union   Black Student Union of UW-Superior Facebook        
Circle of Native Nations   Circle of Native Nations Facebook        
Cru   Cru Facebook        
CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association)   CSSA Facebook        
DBE Event Planning Committee   DBE Event Planning Committee Facebook        
French Club   French Club Facebook        
GEARS Program GEARS Facebook        
Kirov by Night   Kirov by Night Facebook        
Pre-Med Club   Pre-Med Club Facebook        
Queer and Allied Student Union   Queer and Allied Student Union Facebook        
RHA   RHA Facebook        
SCUBA Club   SCUBA Club Facebook        
Stinger Media   Stinger Media Facebook    Stinger Media Twitter    
Student Government Association   Student Government Association Facebook    Student Government Association Twitter    
Student Health 101   Student Health 101 Facebook        
The Dean's List on KUWS   The Deans List on KUWS Facebook        
UW-Superior Colleges Against Cancer   UWS Colleges Against Cancer Facebook        
UW-Superior Confessions   UW-Superior Confessions Facebook        
UW-Superior Memes   UW-Superior Memes Facebook        
UW-Superior Parents and Family   UW-Superior Parents and Family Facebook        
UW-Superior Study Away   UW-Superior Study Away Facebook        
Volleyball Club   Volleyball Club Facebook        
World Student Association   World Student Organization Facebook        
Yellowjacket Activities Crew Yellowjacket Activities Crew Facebook  Yellowjacket Activities Crew Flickr     Yellowjacket Activities Crew YouTube  
Young Americans for Liberty   Young Americans for Liberty Facebook        

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