Typography refers to the art of using typefaces (often called fonts) in a manner that makes documents easy to read, consistent and professional in appearance.

External and Internal Publications

The suggested typefaces should be used on all external communications. They are also preferred for internal communications with a shelf life of three months or more. Consistent use of these typefaces will establish a long-lasting, easily recognizable and memorable visual identity.

Body type and Headlines

For the body or main copy portion, the preferred serif typefaces are Palatino Linotype (or Palatino) or Times New Roman (or Times). Serif vs. sans serif

Headlines or Sub-headlines

The preferred sans serif typefaces are Helvetica, Arial, or Candara.

Other Typefaces

Other typefaces may be used on publications that will receive limited distribution. For example, an event invitation may use a typeface appropriate to the season. When used appropriately and in limited amounts, some other typefaces may be used in headlines.