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Posters in the Rotunda

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Posters in the Rotunda

Posters in the Rotunda is a chance for six student research projects to present their work in the Wisconsin State Capital. Students travel from across the state to share their excellent examples of undergraduate research. This event is a fantastic opportunity to make our legislators aware of the exciting work UW-Superior students are doing. Funding is available to print posters and cover the travel for students (The Director and one other staff will also attend).

Students applying for a poster-spot are asked to submit a two-paragraph proposal to the URSCA committee. The first paragraph should describe the work and anticipated results and should be written for an audience outside of the field. The second paragraph should describe what the student hopes to attain by presenting at the Rotunda event. Students collaborating on a poster project may collaborate on the first paragraph, but each student should write his or her second paragraph. A group application should be received together.

Posters in the Rotunda will be held on April 13, 2016.


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