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The Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Center

Wisconsin Symposium

The Wisconsin Symposium is an opportunity for students within the UW-System to present undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activities through poster sessions, oral sessions and performing and visual art presentations. Oral presentations are 15 min (with 5 additional minutes for questions). The event takes place on the UW Milwaukee campus (in the UWM Union). Funding is available to print posters and cover travel for students.


2015 UW-Symposium Participants

  • Brentton Paulus, Sam Reiswig, Microcontroller Based Fraction Collector; Mentors: Dr. Sergei Bezroukov, Dr. James Lane
  • Nickolas Campa, Lost in Conversation: Listening and Inattentional Blindness; Mentor: Dr. Eleni Pinnow
  • Jordin Gegare, A Walk on the Wild Side: A Cultural Study of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book"; Mentor: Dr. Hillary Fezzey
  • Joseph Ripley, Investigating the causes of Low Dissolved Oxygen in the St. Louis River Estuary, Superior Wi; Mentor: Dr. Shon Schooler
  • Kourtney Sande, The Gothic Elements Explored in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"; Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Sloboda
  • Marial Santos, You Are Brave; Mentor:Tim Cleary
  • Kelsey Moinicken, Mieszko Brikis: Food Consumption and Accessibility:  Creating Opportunities for Students Voices to be Heard; Mentor: Dr. Deborah Augsburger
  • Natalie Burger, Erica Hansen, Daniel Priewe: Compilation of Bachelor Degree Programs in Tranportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain at Undergraduate Institutions Across the United States; Mentor: Dr. Richard Steward

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