Bring Spring to Buzz!

Bring Spring to Buzz!

"Bring Spring to Buzz's World" - Official Contest Winners

Children, age 5 or under - All 1st Place Winners!

Aiden, age 23 months

Aiden Yingling - Child age 23 months

Amelia, age 3

Amelia Young - Child

Willow, age 3 1/2

Willow Susens - Child age 3

Adalyn, age 4

Adalyn - Child age 4

Ely, age 5

Ely Young - Child age 7

Children of UW-Superior Community

1st Place - Paige

Paige Groettum - Child

2bd Place - David

David Fanning - Child

3rd Place - Anna

Anna Huber - Child

UW-Superior Student

1st Place - Megan Myer

Megan Myer - Student

2nd Place: Kelsy Wachs & Maria Ibarra

Kelsey Wachs and Maria Ibarra - Students

3rd Place: Zach Johnson

Zack Johnson - Student

UW-Superior Faculty/Staff - 1st Place TIE!

Jean Rutherford, Career Services

Jean Rutherford - Faculty-Staff

Melinda Yingling, Residence Life

 Melinda Yingling - Faculty-Staff

Special Mention - Entry Using Digital Art Media

Betty Anne Benes, Student

Betty Benes - Student










All Our VNSC Winners!

"Seeing all  the puppies out for walks! I love puppies!" - Aiden
"Sun!" - Amelia
"I like to go to the beach and to the zoo. I like balloons." - Willow
"I get to see pretty flowers and they smell so good!" - Adalyn
"I like the baseball games, the green grass, sports." - Ely 

















"It's warm outside." - Paige
"Riding bikes with my best friend, Noah, around campus!" - David
"I love spring because... no snow!" - Anna 



















"Going fishing for the first time without ice on the water." - Megan 
"I love walking my dog on a warm spring eveing!"  - Kelsey
"No more classes!" - Maria
"No snow!" - Zach


















"The Earth coming alive
again after a long winter's rest!" - Jean
"Seeing our students
graduate each May after their years
of hardwork & determination!
Congrats, graduates!" - Melinda
"Spring brings warm weather
enough to spend quality time
outside in the sun, and as a
 result I'm happier." - Betty Anne