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VNSC Student Manager & Success Coach

ph. 715-394-8406
office. Old Main 118
Veterans and Nontraditional Student Center - UW-Superior

Year you expect to graduate:

Fall 2018

Major/Area of Study:

Marketing & International Business

What drew you to UW-Superior?

My brother asked me one day if I’d want to go to college with him, and at first I laughed about it! Then I went to visit the campus, and got to learn a lot about UWS and enjoyed that it was a smaller university. I like that I can have personal relationships with the staff and faculty here, especially when they are more understanding and take the time to help you when in need. The small class sizes help me focus more and engage in discussion. I really enjoy hiking and the nature around this area, and it doesn’t take too long to drive out to other areas that have even more to explore on Lake Superior. 

How has the VNSC assisted you in adjusting to life on campus?

The VNSC has always been such a warm and welcoming place to me. With any questions I have, the staff had helped me find the answers to them. The events that the center puts on made me go out of my comfort zone and meet more students and faculty here at UWS while having fun!

Any campus activities / hobbies (clubs, etc):

I am also a success coach at the Educational Success Center. I love going to different coffee shops and trying new things. I cherish days at the beach and hiking the parks here in the Twin Ports, along the North Shore, and also in Colorado. Traveling is important to me as well, as I lived in Finland this past summer and visited 5 other countries while there, and hoping to expand that number in the near future!