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Kate, LindseyBen, and Kyle are the "Net" to your success here at UW-Superior... 

The Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC) strives to recruit students in transition, and retain them in challenging academic programs through graduation by providing innovative student success programming.

Specifically to VNSC mission, Success Net is a peer-to-peer leadership program for veteran and nontraditional students and their families.

Success Net connects a current student with a "Success Net Coach" who is trained to assist our students navigate the ropes -- the campus, the community, student support services, how to get connected and more. Coaches tap their own student experience, and as leaders, meet our new and current students where they are in their transition with a "tool box" of resources.

We invite you to contact a peer to peer leader. Be prepared to add a resource "tool" in your own success toolbox.

Contact a Success Net Coach:

Telephone:(715) 394-8406

Definition of Nontraditional student:

  • 25 +, single
  • Married with/without children
  • Student with children
  • Distance Learning
  • Active duty
  • Veteran
  • Spouse of veteran
  • Dependent of veteran

UW-Superior VNSC (n=835, Fall 2013) Demographic break-out:

  • 35% undergraduate students meet the above definition
  • 5.5% (140) of students receive GI Bill benefits
  • 16% (430) undergraduate students have children
  • 22% (550) undergraduate students are in UW-Superior's Distance learning Program (6% DL students receive GI Bill benefits)

VNSC Professional Staff:

Monte Stewart, VNSC Coordinator