Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits

The University of Wisconsin - Superior welcomes all Veteran and Military Members! At Superior, we are committed to supporting and assisting Veterans to ensure they have the resources and tools to be successful. We are grateful for your service and pledge to support you in every step of the way - from applying and securing benefits to preparing for graduation and your career.

Get started TODAY by exploring our programs and degrees - Veteran Admissions at UW-Superior.

Military Policy

This will assist veteran students who must leave classes prior to the end of a term, or arrive late for their first day of classes, or are called in duty during the middle of a term, due to military assignment. View the Military PolicyThis document requires Acrobat Reader to open..

Registrar's Office
At the UW-Superior Registrar's Office you can find information on leaving active duty, the Wisconsin GI bill, online benefit applications, the UW-Superior Military Policy and more.

Financial Aid
You might also be eligible for other types of funding to help with costs not covered by VA benefits. Our financial aid counselors are available to answer all of your questions and meet your needs.

How to Apply for Federal Educational Benefits                             

Apply online for your VA benefit on the VA website.

It is helpful to have your DD-214 on hand while you fill out the application.

How to Apply for State Educational Benefits

Visit the VNSC and fill out your eligibility paperwork. In approximately 6-8 weeks, Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs will send you and the school an eligibility form. It is always best to check with your school to make sure that they received this document.

What Next?

Once you register for classes, make sure you visit our office bringing:

___ Copy of your DD-214 (Member 4)

___ Certificate of Eligibility (Federal or State)