Certificate of Writing Excellence Program
The Certificate of Writing Excellence Program at UW-Superior enables students to attain and exhibit excellence in writing by completing the following:
  • a set of courses of a variety of disciplines containing a substantial writing element presented using WAC best practices (and achieving at least a B in each)  (These courses are designated as WCE for "Writing Certificate Eligible.")
  • three writing workshops given by the Writing Center (one of which must concern portfolio development)
  • a writing project beyond the classroom
  • a portfolio (which will then be presented publicly as a culminating event in the certification process)
The certification is shown on students' transcripts and can be listed on their resumes, thus providing prospective graduate schools and employees with an indication of their level of attainment in an area--writing--that is important in these arenas.

Certificate's fit with the university's mission and learning goals

Follow the links below to find out more:

Information for students (how to apply for, work toward, and receive the certificate)

Information for instructors (how to have courses approved for the Writing-Certificate-Eligible designation)