Digital Storytelling Project: Faculty, Staff, and Students on their Development as Writers

The Writing across the Curriculum Program and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning have teamed up to support faculty, staff, and students in their creation of digital stories of their development as writers.  

Through this means, we emphasize that we all, no matter our field of study, no matter if writing is our main pursuit, have illuminating stories to tell about the good times and the bad times in our development as writers: the times we've had writer's block, the times we struggled when learning to write effectively in a discipline that was new to us, the time we found just the right words to say what we meant.

So far, four such digital stories have been completed.  They are by

Amanda Kvam, Psychology Major

Tim Rogentine, Business Major

Eleni Pinnow, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Suzie Isaksen, Senior Lecturer of Writing

To view their stories, go to the CETL Digital Storytelling webpage, and click on the Digital Stories tab.  (You'll need to scroll down to find the links to their stories.)

If you are interested in telling your writing story, contact WAC Coordinator Deborah Schlacks at