Approved Writing-Certificate-Eligible (WCE) Courses

The following courses have received the WCE (Writing-Certificate-Eligible) designation.  Each one counts toward the Certificate of Writing Excellence.  (If an instructor's name is listed, only sections taught by that instructor have the designation.  If no instructor's name is listed, every section of the course has the designation.)

BUS 363     Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

ECE 252     Foundations of Early Childhood

ECE 353     Exceptional Needs of Young Children

ECE 355     Early Childhood Methods I

ECE 479     Family and Culture

ECE 486     Administration of Child Development Programs

ECON 235  Economics in Society

ENGL 212   British Literature II (Instructor: Fezzey)

ENGL 229   Literature by Women (Instructor: Fezzey)

ENGL 241   World Literature I (Instructor: Fezzey)

ENGL 242   World Literature II (Instructor: Fezzey)

ENGL 479   Literary Criticism

FYS    102   First-Year Seminar-Humanities Literature (Instructor: Fezzey)

GEOG 302  Economic Geography

HIST   151   History of the United States through 1877 (Instructor: Sipress)

HIST   151   History of the United States through 1877 (Instructor: Riker-Coleman)

HIST   152   The United States since 1877

HIST    256  Introduction to Historical Research and Writing-History of Wisconsin

TED    253  Human Development

TED    494  Principles and Practices of Inclusive Teaching

In addition, any WRIT course numbered 200 or higher will count, but only one WRIT course per student will count toward the certificate requirements.

Check this page frequently!  New WCE courses are being added often.