Writing Mentor Program

A Writing Mentor is an undergraduate or graduate student who is "attached" to a course (or courses) in order to provide students in the course with personalized individual consultations on writing projects for the course.

A Writing Mentor works at the University of Wisconsin-Superior Writing Center and is supervised by the Coordinator of the Writing across the Curriculum Program and the Assistant Writing Center Director.  The Mentor meets regularly with the instructor of each course for which he or she is serving as Mentor.  The Mentor also attends the course when writing is being discussed and worked on, in order to assist students in the classroom.  Students from the course also visit the Mentor in the Writing Center to receive further assistance.

The spirit of this mentoring program is the same as that of the program that inspired it, the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Writing Fellows Program. Here is how that program puts it: "Two central beliefs guide this program. The first is that all writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing work in progress and making revisions based on constructive criticism; the second is that collaboration among student peers is an especially effective mode of learning."

This program has benefits to all concerned: the students who are being mentored; their instructor; and the Mentor.The students receive free help with their writing from someone who is trained to offer such help and familiar with the course, its instructor, and its goals. The instructor gains assistance with providing a writing-enriched course. The Mentor gains not only increased skills in performing writing consultations but also experience as a leader.

Academic programs that receive WAC Grants are awarded the services of a Mentor in two courses within their major or minor curriculum.