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CommonSpot Custom Element Examples


CommonSpot Custom Element Examples

A/B Testing


We needed a way to do basic A/B testing for webpage design versions - mainly for a department homepage. This element would deliver the two versions of the page to the user and keep the version for the user's session. We would have a specific goal in mind for the user to accomplish and using Google Analytics we can see which design meets those goals the best, and the winner gets to stay!


Editor for A/B Testing Element
Editor for A/B Testing Element


Website editors must have 3 pages for this A/B testing to work:

1. index.cfm page - contains nothing but the A/B testing element that will route traffic to one of the next 2 pages

2. index1.cfm - one version of of the design to test

3. index2.cfm - a second version of the design to test

Google Analytics users can then look at reports for their goals and see which page (index1.cfm or index2.cfm) delivered the most people.


  • Can randomly route users to version 1 or 2 of a page, or route 50% of users to version 1 and 50% of users to version 2
  • is set-up for A/B testing of entire pages, not parts of content within a single page

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