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CommonSpot Custom Element Examples

Admissions Fact Sheets


The purpose of the Admissions Fact Sheet Manager is to provide prospective students information about all of UW-Superior's academic programs from one central location. This list of programs is searchable via the "Find Your Major" field on the Admissions homepage. Details on any program are displayed natively within the associated academic department website. Easy access to "Schedule a Campus Visit" and "Apply Online" are part of the display template (render-handler).


Find Your Major search box
"Find Your Major" search box
Find Your Major search results
"Find Your Major" search results
Academic Department Programs List / Fact Sheet List
Academic Department Programs List / Fact Sheet List
Fact Sheet / Program Details View
Fact Sheet / Program Details View
Fact Sheet / Programs A-Z Index List
Fact Sheet / Programs A-Z Index List
Datasheet Manager
Datasheet Manager


The Admissions Office centrally manages all the information within the Fact Sheets System. They manage each Fact Sheet "record" via a data-sheet element that is located in a secure folder on the authoring server. A Simple Form is bound to this element so they can enter a new Fact Sheet/record into the database.


  • Centralized Management by the Admissions Office
  • Single-Click Publish to Everywhere on the website where Fact Sheets are displayed
  • "Find Your Major" search box on the Admissions homepage allows potential students to search the fact sheets for programs they are interested in. Queries are recorded so we can see what programs are searched most often
  • Fact Sheet details are displayed natively within their associated academic department website, ie.. the "Biology" fact sheet is displayed within the Natural Sciences website so visitors see other related department information, such as Faculty listings, news and events
  • Is integrated into the A-Z Index and the University Site Search "search suggestions" feature

Working Examples

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