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CommonSpot Custom Element Examples

Bookmarked Content


A popular way to break a large page up into multiple readable sections is by inserting headings, and having a clickable list of those headings at the top of the page, so users can scan this list of links, click on the topic they want, which brings them to that topic lower in the page. This Bookmarked Content element allows website editors to easily manage the structure of a webpage in this manner.


Read Mode Display
Read Mode Display
Element Editor/Fields
Element Editor/Fields
Authoring Mode Display
Authoring Mode Display


All website editors have access to put this element on a CommonSpot webpage. Normally, this element is used as the primary "layout" for the page. Since it's a local custom element, website editors manage it on a page-by-page basis.


  • Website editors put this element on a page, and enter the headings/sections they want on the page
  • The list of bookmarks at the top can be displayed in a bulleted list of links, a drop down menu, or a pipe-character separated list
  • Headings/Bookmarks can be nested under one another, to organize topics into a heirarchy. Heading structures remain intact to ensure a proper page outline
  • Each Heading/Bookmark renders a container, where the website editor can insert any element of their choice, the most popular being the Formatted Text Block
  • Up to 30 Headings/Bookmarks can be listed

Working Examples

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