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CommonSpot Custom Element Examples

Graphical Links/Buttons


We needed a way to display the same "University-Wide" button/link on many webpages throughout the website, such as "My Email", or "Maps & Directions". To have consistency, we wanted these buttons to be the same on all the pages, and didn't want to burden the website editor with having to create graphics on their own and assigning the correct hyperlink to these web-optimized graphics. 

The Graphical Link/Button element delivers a list of buttons/links to choose from, and the website editor just picks which one(s) they want - up to 10 per element instance. This way, the Webmaster maintains the hyperlinks and web graphics which ensures the "My Email" button and link are the same and correct wherever it's displayed.

In order for a new button/link to get added to this element, it needs to relate to multiple department websites. A button/link to a department homepage will make it into a list, but a specific link only necessary to one department will not. They can still have a button (it will just get inserted into a 1-off textblock on their webpage) instead of having it be globally available via this element.


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A-Z Index
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Technology Services
Element Editor
Element Editor


Website Editors can put the Graphical Link element on any webpage, though the buttons are designed mainly for the 25% width column of a 75%-25% page layout. They just select from a list, which button(s) they want and the button/link are displayed on the page.

The Webmaster is responsible for making the graphics for the buttons and assigning the correct hyperlink. Requests for new buttons/links are always accommodated. The Webmaster also removes unwanted buttons as well.


  • Centralized Management of graphics and links via the Webmaster
  • Up to 10 buttons can be displayed per element instance
  • Creates a visual consistency from page to page
  • Buttons can be displayed vertically or horizontally

Working Examples

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