Mission and Vision

Writing Center Mission Statement: Our mission is to engage students in conversations about their writing at any stage of their writing processes to help them become more thoughtful and engaged writers.

Writing Center Vision and Philosophy: The Writing Center is a place where writers can feel comfortable trying out ideas, where their writing is not evaluated, and where a process of inquiry is encouraged. Consultants ask more questions than they answer, offering guidance rather than judgment to less-experienced writers.

We see writing as a form of problem solving in which the consultants offer strategies and suggestions that will enable the writers to better accomplish their work as writers. Ownership of the writing always remains with the writer.

Our Approach to Consulting: The Writing Center encourages writers to articulate the thoughts and questions generated by their courses and assignments. These thoughts and questions form the basis of the conversation about writing that develops between the student writer and the Writing Consultant.

During conferences, the Writing Consultant will help the writing student engage with the assignment and meet its requirements by using critical thinking and collaborative learning strategies.

We do our best to provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere in a quiet place where students can focus on their academic work.