Make an Appointment

Fall and Spring:

For in-person consultations, you can either make an appointment or be seen as a "walk-in" client. (To ensure that you will be able to see a consultant, make an appointment!)  An appointments is required for an online consultation and should be made BEFORE the start time.  (For example, if it is 6:10, don't try to make an appointment for a 6:00 online consultation because the consultant will not know that the appointment has been scheduled.)


For IN-PERSON consultations, make 30-minute appointments (unless you are a second-language learner or your paper is a long one, in which case make a 60-minute appointment).

For ONLINE consultations, 60-minute appointments are recommended in most cases, particularly if you are a second-language learner, your paper is a long one, or you know you have lots of questions.  

Summer: Appointments made in advance are mandatory for this online-only summer service.  Also, due to the limited hours of this summer service, we ask that you make appointments for 30-minute consultations whenever possible.  Only make back-to-back appointments for very long papers about which you have many questions for the consultant.

Fall, Spring, or Summer:

To make your appointment, go to:

Use the link above to cancel or reschedule an appointment or to access an online appointment.  (Be sure to cancel any appointment you can't keep.  Otherwise you'll be deemed a no show.  After three "no shows" in a term, you'll lose your appointment-making privileges for the rest of the term, which means you can be seen only as a walk-in client.  Since walk-in consultations are available only in person, you will not be able to have any additional online consultations for the rest of the term.)

If you are more than five minutes late for an appointment, you will be considered a no-show, and your appointment may be given to someone else.

Questions? Further information is available at

Instructions for registering, making appointments, and accessing appointments

Or call the Center at 715-394-8095 , or e-mail us at  (In the summer, please e-mail rather than call because the Center itself is not staffed in the summer; all the summer online consultations come to you from remote locations.  Thus summer phone messages will not be returned quickly.)